Dangers of Fear and Neglect


Maryn McKenna is a science journalist over at Wired with the blog Superbug.  I’ve been following her for a while and really enjoy her writing. Perhaps because she has a strong focus on the dangers of antibiotics usage in meat production, a topic I am very interested in and concerned about.  She also writes a lot about disease outbreaks including many posts on the current Ebola outbreak. (I’ve written about Ebola here).  Her most recent one regarding this virus is an interview with experts in the field of risk-communication. Regarding the quarantine of a nurse recently returned to the U.S. from caring for Ebola patients, she asks the question:

“What happens if this kind of punitive detention — which went far beyond what medical authorities recommend — deters aid workers from going to West Africa to help?”

Take a look here to read about the very concerning events that could take place if Ebola is not controlled at its source with help from nations around the world.


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