JS photoHi I’m Jessica!  I’m a scientist at Washington University in St. Louis where I explore the immune responses that occur during lung transplantation.  I received my PhD in Pathology (study of disease) from the University of Rochester in New York, but all of my work has be related to Immunology….that exquisitely complex system responsible for protecting us from the “bad”.   But the immune system does so much more than just defending us against the multitude of viruses and bacteria that we encounter on a day to day basis!  I hope this blog will help you understand what the role of the immune system is not only in protecting us from infection but also in both preventing and causing disease.  With few exceptions, no matter what the disease, the immune system is doing something!


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  1. Hai,

    Just I have come across your blog. It is nice. At present I am working as associate professor of Microbiology & Immunology. Recently I uploaded some of my Immunology lecture videos on youtube. I would like to know whether I can share those video links at your site.


    Dr. Raghunath


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